The Wellness Facial Is New and Trending But PHYTO5 Has Been Perfecting and Elevating Our Wellness Facials Steadily Since the Late 70s

The PHYTO5 Wellness Facial

The beauty industry has finally caught on to “Wellness Facials” and they’re now considered a beauty trend. It reinforces what PHYTO5 has been doing and talking about since the 70s. Good skincare practice should always provide a critical byproduct of not just a beauty glow but an enhanced level of wellness which is exactly what PHYTO5 is all about. PHYTO5 facials and scalp and body treatments become wellness treatments because PHYTO5 quantum energetic products are extraordinarily potent.

Our fundamental premise is that the body is not only vital matter but vital energy equally so. It’s an unimpeded flow of good vital energy (without blockages) that keeps matter vital, healthy and functional.

The subtle energy that Ayurveda calls “praña” and which traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) calls “chi” is the fundamental premise of all energy medicines and of PHYTO5 skin and hair care.

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Good vital energy is energy that enjoys a balance of its five major components which are known as the five elements or phases in TCM. These are named Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

These components must be in balance meaning that all work together synergistically with none of the five either dominating or being dominated by another. Such a vital energy balance is tricky since many factors can disrupt it.

Disruptive factors can be external ones such as climatic considerations, the energies of the seasons, the quality and the quantity of the food we eat.

Disruptive factors can be internal such as our psychological state. Indeed, our emotions are extremely important to our health and well-being. Positive emotions will sustain balanced vital energy whereas negative emotions are a factor of physical imbalance because they disturb the chi.

Because of its proprietary blends of premium grade natural essential oils first formulated in the 70s and steadily and constantly improved ever since, PHYTO5 energetic products have a proven record of successfully balancing vital energy. As a result, PHYTO5 professional treatments and regular home regimens with the energetic products maintain that essential balance of vital energy required to make us not only look but feel good as well.

But, actually, it even goes further. 

Since late 2017, a new formulation process created by our Swiss factory has boosted the vibrational frequency of the already energetic products to the quantum level. Since the higher vibrations provide greater potency, our now quantum energetic products enhance not only vital energy balance and bring balance to vexing skin conditions, they also balance our emotional state. This concept is explained by the well documented relationship between vital energy and emotions as part of the Five Element Theory of TCM.

We also know that wellness requires a balanced state of emotion with a healthy dose of happiness. Unfortunately, happiness is most often quickly chased away anytime we succumb to negative emotions for more than a passing moment. This should give all of us an extra reason to ensure that both our vital energy and our emotions are balanced which can actually be achieved in the same process that balances our skin condition when using PHYTO5 skincare or enjoying a PHYTO5 face or body treatment.