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Because the body is not simply vital matter but vital energy as well, the mission of the energetic skincare five element line, based on the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is to balance vital energy as an essential attribute of the skincare application. We combine this with exceptional skincare in the Swiss tradition. The five element line products are formulated with unique, natural, premium grade plant-based ingredients, particularly energetic blends of essential oils—the result of integrating ancestral knowledge from TCM with leading edge Swiss research. These lines exist in harmony with each one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. The five element line also follows TCM’s five groups of skin conditions, energetic seasons, and emotions. The concept is simple and at the same time very personalized for you:

  • If your skin is balanced, keep it balanced by using the products of the current energetic season.

  • If you have a particular skin condition, meaning it is out of balance, use the products of the element that addresses the condition.

Skincare from the five element lines of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water can be used alone or with PHYTO5 proprietary devicesoffered by a PHYTO5 trained professional for even more enhanced results.


The Swiss line is composed of PHYTO5 traditional phytoceuticals–natural skincare products with targeted missions for specific results. Their names and taglines indicate their purpose and benefits. These products can be used either in conjunction with the PHYTO5 five element lines or on their own. 


The damask rose is the unofficial symbol of Ageless La Cure skincare since so many products in the line contain the premium grade essential oil of restoring damask rose. Award winning Ageless La Cure organic certified skincare helps you transcend the five principle factors which cause aging skin by applying Ageless La Cure's Five Secrets to the root causes of aging skin. The line delivers scientifically verified results and has been recognized in the pages of Vogue Magazine and by our worldwide clientele who turns to us every day for younger, healthier, more radiant skin. All products in this line are organic certified by ECOCERT®.


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