The PHYTO5 "Step Beyond" Method of Energetic Quantum (High Vibrational) Skincare

The body is not just matter (solids and fluids) but also energy—vital energy. It's called prana in yoga and Ayurvedic medicine and chi in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and by practitioners of Asian martial arts. This ancient concept is also a very modern one as it is now demonstrated by quantum physics. Progressive medical doctors have embraced this approach:

Your body is a field of energy, information, and intelligence…capable of perpetual healing, renewal and transformation.
— Deepak Chopra, M.D. in Grow Younger, Live Longer
The physical body is actually a complex network of interwoven energy fields.
— Richard Gerber, M.D. in Vibrational Medicine

The point is that, as stated by Gerber in the same book,

If we are beings of energy, it follows that we can be affected by energy.

Therefore, with the right energetic tools and know-how, a practitioner can work on any body and skin problem at the level of matter (skin) like everyone else, but in addition, work at balancing the vital energy flow of the customer. If working on matter and energy simultaneously, better results are achieved.

Energy medicine states that body issues have a root cause in vital energy imbalance, or blockage, of vital energy flow.

With the PHYTO5 method, a spa practitioner can easily learn how to balance vital energy for better and faster results because the skin is a medium for balancing vital energy!


👉🏽As of November 1, 2017, PHYTO5 skincare is not only energetic, it is QUANTUM. To learn more about this important breakthrough and what it means for you, download our free white paper here.

Deepak Chopra, MD describes quantum best:

"Quantum healing moves away from external, high-technology methods towards the deepest core of the mind-body system. This core is where healing begins. To go there and learn to promote the healing response, you must get past all the grosser levels of the body–cells, tissues, organs, and systems–and arrive at the junction point between mind and matter, the point where consciousness actually starts to have an effect." – Deepak Chopra

Read our blog post/press release on the launch of PHYTO5 quantum skincare in 2017.



The PHYTO5 method based on the five elements of traditional Chinese Medicine is also known as Phytobiodermie. For simplicity's sake, we call it PHYTO5.  PHYTO5 includes the Ageless La Cure line described below. Our skincare lines are designed for both retail consumers and spa and wellness clinic professionals.

Learn More About PHYTO5 Energetic (High Vibrational) Skincare:


Click the videos below to see how dowsing and the Bovis scale work to demonstrate the high vibrational frequency of PHYTO5 quantum energetic skincare. Demonstrated by PHYTO5 professionals from Weiler Academy in Wisconsin.

PHYTO5 follows the formulation principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). PHYTO5 products achieve energy-balancing according to the five elements and the five aspects of vital energy:

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.