What PHYTO5 Customers Have to Say

I wanted to thank you and share with you the results of the products in just a few weeks. It is just incredible. I'm only addressing the dryness and wrinkles at this moment. I plan to address the age spots afterwards. I attached the before and after pictures. I'm amazed! I also wrote a review on your site. I believe people should know what they are missing by not using these products. I wish I lived closer so I could get facials too. I miss JoJo from Connecticut, she took care of my skin for 15 years every 5 weeks. Since I came down to Florida I have never experienced a facial like a phyto trained professional can give. –M. Hernandez

Bodiscience Wellness Center & Spa Gives Much Appreciated Ageless La Cure Treatments

Right before Christmas, I visited BodiScience Wellness Center & Spa in Beverly, Massachusetts where founder Dawn Tardif and her team incorporate Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine philosophies and techniques into holistic body, face, and other treatments.
The Ageless face treatment began differently than any other facial Iʼd ever had: Dawn asked me to think about my intentions for the treatment. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. “I want to feel good about myself,” I thought. The answer came as somewhat of a surprise. But I meant “feel good” in every sense of the phrase. I wanted to feel good physically, emotionally, and spiritually, as well as being happy with what I saw in the mirror. We talked about things that were deeply personal, and I started to cry a little. It felt sweet and cleansing.
I lay under blankets in the darkened treatment room with relaxing music playing while Dawn did the procedure silently, massaging my neck, shoulders, scalp, legs, and hands, as well as applying a gentle organic peel and beautifully scented serums to my skin. She also used light therapy.
“This is what you do if you love yourself,” I thought to myself, and once again, I felt surprised by my own inner dialogue.
When I shared this revelation with Dawn over a cup of warm tea after the procedure, she smiled.
“I’m so glad to hear you say that,” she said. My skin looked beautiful, glowing, and refreshed, but the skincare result was almost beside the point. The real point was self-care; if you practice that, outer radiance will naturally follow. Dawn and I talked about how so often, women neglect themselves, caring for everyone else while leaving their own needs unattended....

On PHYTO5 Chromatherapy

The PHYTO5 lymphatic drainage system ... is more effective and more lasting than the manual technique, or other machine options that we tried. –Karen S. Clickner, ND, LMT, LCT, Director, ISIS Holistic Clinic and Body Purification Spa, Boston, Massachusetts

Happy Customer

I was able to get through and placed an order last night, and I don't like your products. I LOVE them! –K. Metzger

Not Just Products but Holistic Lifestyle Education

I so appreciate your newsletters and products. Best wishes, happy holidays! –Kerstin, Owner of Creme de la Creme, Boulder, Colorado

Nothing Better!

PHYTO5 skincare and technologies are one-of-a-kind. The light and drainage therapies we give using the Biorhythmic Drainer, Chromapuncteur and Biostimulateur work perfectly. Here in the U.S., facials tend to be more about rubbing products on the skin. PHYTO5 is about so much more! When I came back to the states after being treated to and learning about European style facials and body treatments I was very relieved to find PHYTO5 to be so superior to any other skincare system I've seen and experienced. On top of all this, the training PHYTO5 provides is superb. There's nothing better especially if you're all about organic, holistic, natural and truly integrity skincare. Hands down. There's nothing better! –Carlyn Weiler, Weiler Academy, Smart Health for Body, Mind and Soul, Green Bay, Wisconsin


Relief and Sustained Improved Health Over 28 Years!

I’m a registered nurse who was introduced to PHYTO5 eight years ago by an esthetician and massage therapist who really believed in the system. I had swelling in my left leg and incompetent valves in my greater and lesser saphenous veins as well as compromised lymph function in my left leg. My therapist started doing PHYTO5 treatments on me and the relief I experienced was amazing. PHYTO5 treatments help with detoxification of the body and I really feel that’s why I’m in such good health today because I’ve had these treatments for 28 years. Now that I can no longer visit my original therapist, I go to PHYTO5 Institute in Eustis, Florida to receive my treatments and it’s such a blessing. —Brigette Moffet, R. N.