Pink lotus

Self Breast Massage

This simple self breast massage may be done every day. Use firm relatively vigorous
pressure but not so much that you cause bruising. Use less pressure during the first couple
of days performing this practice or during menses to minimize breast tenderness. We
suggest use of a light massage oil or Vegetal Oil Emulsion to facilitate the massage. Apply
the Yogi Body Gel for your condition when the massage is complete.



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Ultimate Holistic Beauty Checklist

Download this handy two-page holistic beauty checklist here. Print it out and post it to keep these total beauty tips always present in your mind. Many of these tips go beyond skin deep!



Quantum Energetic Skincare Introduction White Paper 

So what's quantum energetic skincare all about? PHYTO5 has pioneered it. It's otherwise known as high vibrational skincare except that the quantum aspect goes even deeper. PHYTO5 remains in a rare minority of skincare manufacturers around the globe who offer truly quantum energetic skincare.

'Energetic skincare,' the descriptive name given to PHYTO5’s unique skincare method, stems from four fundamental beliefs:

  1. Beauty is health made visible. (This has been our motto since the late 1970s.)
  2. The body is not simply visible matter but vital energy as well. It is this invisible, subtle, vital energy that causes matter to be vital.
  3. The body is a complex of fields of energy interconnected to other fields of energy relating to other people, animals, plants, the environment, the planet, and in fact, the entire universe. All is interconnected.
  4. Proper beauty, wellness, and spa treatments, in general, must include an energetic dimension by providing a means of balancing vital energy.

This remains philosophy unless we have the tools to make it happen...





"Perspectives on Aging From Contemporary Western Medicine to Traditional Chinese Medicine: Why It Happens and How to Slow It Down" White Paper

The Western Medicine View: Science has studied the phenomenon of aging for generations. It can describe in great detail what it believes through observation is the cause and impetus for aging but there is no official and fully endorsed theory on aging.

A number of theories exist which are periodically updated indicating that we do not for certain know the truth about aging. Nevertheless, one theory enjoys a great deal of support at the moment which is that aging is, at least in large part, caused by oxidation stress to the body’s cells resulting from the presence of a significant enough amount of free radicals in the body’s system. Although this theory does not completely explain aging, it is seen as an important factor...




Aging, Anti-Aging and Agelessness Understanding the Unseen Factors Causing Premature Aging White Paper 

High grade essential oils generally contain strong antioxidants and because antioxidants are so effective at preventing or slowing oxidation, they are excellent agents in combatting aging. Medical studies have also demonstrated that some essential oils have the ability to stimulate blood and lymph circulation. They help improve oxygenation, deliver nutrients to cells (red blood functions), and stimulate the elimination process within tissues (venous and lymphatic circulation functions). Essential oils can play an important role in any detoxification program so critical to anti-aging regimens.

Essential Oils Plus Drainage for More Youthful Looking Skin: In 2015, the well-known Japanese cosmetics company, Shiseido, in joint research with the Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka University, found impaired function of dermal lymphatic vessels leading to accumulation of subcutaneous fat to be an integral cause of sagging skin...




What Is Energetic Skincare? White Paper

The most efficient skincare products and spa treatments yielding superior results, work both at the level of matter (skin or body shape) and of energy (vital energy). That is logical knowing that the body is both matter and energy. Authentic energetic skincare requires genuine energetic products. Only natural products have vital energy. High grade essential oils have a multiple of the vital energy of the plants they come from. Further, blends of essential oils can be selected for their inherent capacity to balance vital energy.

PHYTO5 follows the formulation principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The PHYTO5 products achieve energy balancing according to the five elements of TCM. The five aspects of vital energy are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water...




Wei Chi and the “Beauty of Emotions” White Paper

Vital energy is common to all energy medicines, and particularly, common to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Unique to TCM is the 5-Element Theory that explains the five aspects or phases of chi–the invisible energy that affects all of us and our entire environment. The 5-element model provides a logical and systematic way to classify and analyze just about everything about and around us, from the macrocosm to the microcosm. It assists us to understand how we function, physically and psychologically, so that we may attain the balance required to feel good and look our very best.

We’ve discussed vital energy simply as chi with the understanding that chi needs to flow and avoid imbalance or blockage, but it’s important we consider other aspects since chi carries so many roles and functions. As a reminder, let’s review two of our favorite quotes:...




White Paper For Skincare Professionals: "Chi in Your Spa: How to Elevate Your Spa Therapies with Vital Energy, Because the Body is More Than Solids and Liquids" 

All “energy medicines,” of which traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a great example, have a common fundamental philosophy, namely, the belief that the body is not, as we are taught in Western schools, made only of matter (solids and fluids) but also of energy. We are not talking about constant energy releases caused by the multitude of chemical activities taking place within the body. Vital energy, as it is called In Western countries, is a very subtle form of energy essential to all life forms and critical to their proper function. It is called “chi” in China. In Japan it is referred to as “ki” and in India, as yoga practitioners know, it is “prana" ...



Here Are 33 Delicious Ways to Creatively Get More Healing, Cleansing Green Into Your Diet Plus Bonus Easy Blender Kale Soup Recipe

Not only is green the color for the Spring energetic season and Wood element and the color of so many plants that sprout in Spring, it’s also the color of the foods that best align with the season and our vitality of self. Mind, body and even spirit are uplifted and nurtured whenever we take green foods filled with the rays of the sun into our beings.