Spray Away the Stress! 6 Amazing Benefits

There are lots of things we can do to counteract the harmful effects of stress and to bring stress to a minimum. PHYTO5® offers one amazing, almost magical thing anyone can do to restore serenity, calm, ease and balance! Spray it away!

Aura Flora is an organic certified flower water spray (a special proprietary formulation of rose and witch hazel) that balances and purifies the body's energetic envelope. When the energetic envelope surrounding the body is permeated with this soothing spray, your physical, mental and emotional states become pacified and agitation is eased.

Spray Aura Flora around the body and even in the room for the following amazing benefits:

✺ To gain relaxation, self-confidence, peace of mind and serenity in any stressful situation;
✺ To create a balanced and peaceful ambiance in your home;
✺ For mental clarity when you feel overworked;
✺ To help anyone fall asleep (babies, elderly, and yourself!);
✺ To cool and moisturize face and body on hot days or in hot places;
✺ To protect the body's energetic envelope from radiation on flights and from computer use.