The Energy of Spring Can Help You Lose Weight!

During Spring, we focus on the Wood element in the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the liver and gall bladder organs and meridians.

Follow these simple tips to beautifully harmonize with the Spring season:

◆ Rest and go inward as much as possible. Your time to get up and go in Summer is just around the corner.

◆ If you'd like to lose weight, take advantage of Spring's natural easing of appetite and work with your body's desire to move energy with increased activity.

◆ Do a simple daily cleanse during the Spring for liver and gallbladder.

◆ Include bitter foods in your diet. (These are fruits, vegetables, and herbs having a sharp, pungent taste or smell; not sweet.)

◆ Nourish your liver daily or as often as possible with hot/warm water and lemon.

◆ Take daily walks in the morning sunlight.

◆ Apply Wood Phyt'ether to the liver and gallbladder zones on the face; apply Yang Body Gel to the outside of the legs stimulating circulation on the gallbladder meridian.

◆ Apply the CERESAL Wheat (day cream) for the energy of Spring: Extract of wheat, and essential oils of lemon and rosemary activate the natural defenses of the skin to combat the effects of poor diet and/or lack of cellular oxygenation. Good for oily skin, it is antiseptic, toning and stimulating. For protection from high and low pressures and windy and changeable weather associated with Spring.