Anti-Aging Benefits of Chia for Holistic Skincare with Bonus Recipe!


The oil extracted from chia seeds has incredible beauty benefits, too. Not only are they rich in precious Omega-3 fatty acids − they're also intensely anti-inflammatory, calming and antioxidant rich, which means that chia oil is a good bet for restoring vital moisture, diminishing redness and inhibiting wrinkles.Nicholas Perricone, MD

It's amazing how eating one simple tiny little seed can be so good for not only your health but your skin! Even more amazing is how the seeds give texture to food, are bursting with nutrition and anti-aging properties, and don't alter the taste of the food you add them to. You've seen crackers and chips with chia. They make awesome puddings that mimic tapioca pudding and they can be added to cakes, energy and granola bars, oatmeal, bread, salad dressings, yogurt, smoothies, you name it! (Scrolll all the way down for recipes!)

And the more you eat chia, the better your skin looks. Here are just a few of the fantastic gifts chia lends your organic skincare regimen: (Read all the way down for a most excellent chia pudding recipe that's super easy, too!)

  1. Wrinkle fighting with Vitamin E. Chia is rich in vitamin E which is a potent antioxidant and fights inflammation and wrinkles. Some companies extract the oil from chia to apply to your skin but the best way to derive the benefits from chia oil is to consume the chia seeds whole. Oil extraction involves a process that results in a product that is not all that easily assimilated by your body.
  2. Prevention of acne, redness and lifeless skin with blood sugar stabilization in three ways:
    1. "Chia seeds help to slow down the digestion process and the "jelly" coating that develops when they're exposed to liquids is thought to prevent blood sugar spikes, which can lead to weight gain." – Nicholas Perricone
    2. The fiber in chia keeps your blood sugar stable and prevents surges in your insulin levels. When your insulin levels drop, your skin takes a major hit possibly resulting in acne, redness, or lifeless appearing skin.
    3. With presence of magnesium: Magnesium also helps regulate your blood sugar.
  3. Hormone balance which promotes youthful, clear skin in three ways:
    1. With Omega-3 fatty acid content: Just as fish oils contain beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids which combat acne and wrinkles and help regulate hormone balance, chia seeds provide the same but with less volume consumed. Eat just two tablespoons of chia seeds to get the same amount of benefit that four ounces of salmon provides. You'll also notice other side benefits such as more healthy beautiful hair and nails and if you've been prone to depression, the Omega-3 fatty acids in chia will assist in this arena too.
    2. With presence of magnesium: Magnesium serves to keep your hormone levels healthy which in turn creates beautiful healthy skin.
    3. With presence of potassium: Potassium also helps keep hormone levels in check leading to more beautiful unstressed, lively looking skin.
  4. Toning and anti-aging effect from abundance of zinc in chia. Zinc is known to help skin become more taut and supple so chia provides an obvious anti-aging effect. Other benefits include reducing skin inflammation and acne.
  5. Blood circulation assisted by magnesium creates beautiful radiant skin. Did you know that only cacao contains more plant-based magnesium than virtually any other source?
  6. The protein in chia and its protein synthesis created by its phosphorous content is vital to healthy tissue generation. The protein in chia is not particularly high but it is highly absorbable by the body as an excellent plant-based protein and so quality rather than quantity is key with the protein content in chia.
  7. Potassium in chia helps prevent bloating and puffiness. Sometimes our face gets bloated and puffing looking because of poor diet and lack of nutrition. Potassium helps ensure this doesn't happen!

Join the chia craze! You won't be disappointed and your skin will love you for it!

Vanilla Chia Pudding Recipe (However this lovely pudding can be flavored any way you want!)


  • 2 cups almond milk (Scroll down to learn how to easily make your own fresh, all living almond milk to far surpass what you can buy in the stores!)
  • 2/3 cup chia seeds
  • 2 teaspoons of your favorite sweetner (raw blue agave is nice)
  • 3/4 teaspoon of high quality pure vanilla extract


  • Stir together the chia seeds, almond milk and vanilla extract, mixing well.
  • Let soak for 20 to 30 minutes, stirring the mixture every five minutes or so until it achieves a pudding consistency.
  • If necessary, add more almond milk if the pudding gets too thick for your liking.
  • Finally, add in the sweetener, chill and serve garnished with chopped fruit, nuts, coconut flakes or spices.

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Fresh-Made Almond Milk Recipe

  • 1 cup raw organic imported almonds (Try not to buy California almonds. Even though they say they are raw, they are flash pasteurized. Imported Sicilian or Spanish almonds have much more integrity and taste fantastic!)
  • 2 cups of fresh, pure water (can be room temp) for soaking the almonds
  • 2 cups of fresh, pure, chilled water
  • nut bag

How to:

  • Soak one cup of almonds in the room temp water for at least four hours; you can soak them in the fridge if you prefer.
  • Drain and rinse the almonds very well and place in a high speed blender, preferably a Vitamix.
  • Add the 2 cups of chilled water and run on high speed for approximately 45 seconds.
  • Pour into a nut bag and squeeze out your beautiful fresh almond milk into a bowl. Transfer to a jar and chill immediately.

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