Facial Clays and Multi-Masking: How Natural Essential Oils Enrich the Mask and Its Results While More Common Synthetic Essential Oils Leave Us Wanting


Your facial clay mask should not crack on your face!

A few thoughts from PHYTO5 USA's President, Jon Canas, on facial clays and multi-masking...

Beauty industry pundits have been telling us that use of clay masks is on the increase which includes the “new” trend known as multi-masking. I have to smile because multi-masking with PHYTO5 five colored clays has been a signature treatment of our company since its inception over 40 years ago!

Because of the manner in which we target the facial reflex zones combined with the energy balancing properties of the blends of natural essential oils present in our clays, our 5 Clay Balancing Mask is a remarkably potent way to practice an effective facial reflexology treatment.

You may be one of many of our industry professionals who have recently received in the mail some beautiful printed material from a trade show company promoting “Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa“ conferences in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Florida. The cover picture is very artistic showing a beautiful face partly covered with some light and dark grey clays.

As beautiful as the picture is, most of the clay is drying and cracking in such a way that it has to make the mask uncomfortable which is fairly typical with most masks on the market.

In contrast, PHYTO5 clays are so full of essential oils that the clay remains very pleasant and comfortable for your client during the 10 to 15-minute application and they are easy to both apply and remove.

Clays are generally meant to contribute to hydration of the surface layer of the skin by attracting moisture from the deeper levels. In the process, it contributes to an elimination of toxins. The entire effect can be amplified with the addition of natural essential oils. This is why each one of PHYTO5 clays is rich in a specific blend of essential oils suitable to the function of each clay. This powerful hydration–detoxification effect enhanced by the naturally occurring vital energy balancing property of all our energetic products makes for a multi-mask that’s in a class by itself.

  • About essential oils:

In his January 11, 2018 newsletter, 2018, Dr. Mercola states the following:

Could Enhanced Wellness and Vitality Be Just a Whiff Away?
Aromatherapy–or the use of essential oils–has been embraced since early times to promote wellness and vitality. With exciting new research exposing its many potential benefits for emotional and spiritual well-being, its time has arrived.

I wish he had specified “natural” essential oils, because many of the essential oils sold separately or as part of wellness products are actually synthetic rendering them aromatic but certainly not therapeutic.

Not only are PHYTO5 blends of natural essential oils natural, they’ve been formulated according to the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine and provide a proven vital energy balance.

  • The Beauty of Emotions treatment:

The PHYTO5 serums of essential oils (Phyt’Ethers), like all the products of our five energetic skincare lines, have such a high level of vibrational potency that they operate at the quantum level. Their quantum nature makes them absolutely unique in the beauty and spa industry. 

It is this boosted potency–the quantum level–that also balances our emotions. This is the basis of our new groundbreaking protocol, the Beauty of Emotions.

The very specific blends of natural essential oils found in PHYTO5 energetic products are responsible for not only balancing our vital energy but for balancing our skin and our emotions too.

For these reasons, we can safely say that PHYTO5 quantum energetic skincare is a very viable path to feeling good, beautiful and happy!

What PHYTO5® Pioneered More Than 30 Years Ago Is One of Today's Top Ten Spa Trends

They call it: "multi-masking..."

In the December 2015 issue, Skin Inc. Magazine lists "multi-masks" as third in a list of ten spa trends for 2016. Consumers, Skin Inc. reports, are very attracted to the therapy, so much so that skincare manufacturers are developing colored clays to respond to the demand.

PHYTO5® has not only perfected the 5-Clay Mask therapy, we do believe we are the originator of it. What's more, our five clays are energetic, something other skincare manufacturers cannot claim. It is very interesting to find a multi-mask photo in the magazine which almost exactly duplicates our method!

If you'd like to enjoy this popular therapy, PHYTO5®-style, give us a shout out at 888-715-8008 or check out our SHOP.

PHYTO5® Five Clay Mask

PHYTO5® Five Clay Mask


Balanced skin is a blessing to be preserved. It can be maintained with good lifestyle habits and personalized skincare regimentation. The balancing 5-Clay Mask facial is a treatment protocol well adapted to balanced skin. Light, being the most energetic tool, is used to amplify the activity of clay masks (matter) and to work on acupuncture points and the chakras concerned (energy flow and centers).

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