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PHYTO5 equipment was designed and is manufactured in Europe starting with earlier versions several decades ago. It stems from our conviction that in addition to the visible aspect of the human body, there are others, unseen, with great influence on how we feel and how we look, namely, our energy envelope and interior energetic centers and pathways.

These are the tenets of PHYTO5’s philosophy which we apply to our award winning technology:

  1. The body is not simply matter but vital energy as well. It is vital energy which makes vital matter vital (alive vibrationally). This understanding dates back to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic medicine. It was revived in the twentieth century with the findings of quantum physics. Since those findings, a number of members of the medical community in Europe, Asia, and the U. S. have conducted conclusive research on the subject. Today, vital energy is measurable, thus proven. It is a carrier of essential information to all cells, tissues and organs of the body.
  2. The body is about 80% fluids (matter). TCM highlights five major fluids: water, arterial blood (red blood), venous blood (blue blood), lymph, and vital energy. The function of the major fluids is to provide oxygen and nutrients to all cells and tissues (function of red blood), and consequently, to provide waste removal (blue blood removes carbonic gas and lymph removes waste matter resulting from the metabolism of the cells). Water being the largest component of the body, it must be allowed to circulate and not stagnate. That circulation depends on the activity of the diaphragm when we breathe and move around. It needs to fight gravity that would accumulate water in our legs. None of those functions would occur with the flow of vital energy.
  3. The skin is an organ. It receives vital energy and its tissues are fed and cleansed by the harmonious workings of the energy of the five elements and the proper circulation of the five fluids corresponding to the five elements.
  4. TCM attributes five aspects (phases or components) to vital energy. They are called the five elements. Each element drives the energy that is specific to each one of the five fluids.
  5. Everything in the body is in a vibrational state. In fact, everything in the universe and on planet Earth is submitted to its own vibrational state although our five physical senses are not equipped to notice.
  6. Any object (matter)–any piece of solid or amount of fluid–will respond to a specific vibration according to its mass. It is called the “pitch” of the object. This is part of the laws of harmonics stemming from the study of music whose consequences have been used in modern engineering and many other fields. 
  7. In his book Vibrational Medicine, Richard Gerber, MD. states two important truths:
  • “The physical body is actually a complex network of interwoven energy fields.”
  • “If we are beings of energy, it follows that we can be affected by energy.”

Of course, we can be affected either in positive (wellness enhancing) ways as we can be affected in negative ways ranging from discomfort to illness.


There are two primary pieces of equipment created by PHYTO5:

  1. The Biorhythmic Drainer: This technology balances the five major fluids according to TCM. A number of companies have created similar drainage machines or incorporated similar functions in multi-purpose pieces of equipment, however the PHYTO5 Biorhythmic Drainer is still unique inasmuch as it is not limited to lymph drainage.
  2. The Chromapuncteur is a light machine. This PHYTO5 machine is unique inasmuch as it does not use LED technology that provides limited frequencies but a dichroic filter technology that reproduces the entire range of frequencies for each of the seven natural component colors of sunlight. The Chromapuncteur can be used to work on acupuncture points, chakras (energetic centers), reflex zones, and to perform energetic drainage in tandem with the Biorhythmic Drainer.
  3. Each piece of equipment can be free-standing, or the two can be combined to work together, in particular, to perform “energetic drainages” for the purpose of balancing the five major fluids. The machines are made to connect together the mechanical movement of the drainage with the energetic potency of any of the nine colors of light from the Chromapuncteur.

A third piece of equipment, the Biostimulateur, is totally unmatched in the industry, and reserved for advanced energetic treatments on energetic zones, acupuncture points and meridians, in support of treatments offered in spas, wellness centers, and skincare institutes.

How they work

Here we are focusing on the two primary pieces of PHYTO5 equipment:

  1. Biorhythmic Drainer: Its purpose is to be able to balance any of the five major fluids of TCM (water, red blood, blue blood, lymph, and vital energy). All skin conditions can be improved by working not only at the level of the skin, but also on the energy of the fluids. To that end, the Biorhythmic Drainer has five pre-calibrated frequencies that set the proper (balanced) rhythm of each of the five fluids. Since each fluid, when balanced, has its own specific “pitch” and moves at its own specific rhythm, the drainage with the Biorhythmic Drainer using the pre-calibrated rhythm will “remind” the fluid to move at its proper rhythm to maintain its harmonious movement thereby providing optimum function.
  2. Chromapuncteur: Light is energy that moves as electromagnetic waves. Each of the seven component colors of white (sun) light consists of a range of frequencies. The equipment reproduces that range for each of the colors offered by the machine. The “pitch” of each fluid will respond to a specific color of light because it is in harmony with that particular range of frequencies. 

To Sum It Up:

  1. The Biorhythmic Drainer is superior to any other similar machine for two reasons:
    1. No other machine has a systematic way to work on more than simply lymph.
    2. It is made to be combined with the Chromapuncteur to perform award-winning“energetic drainages” that are unique to PHYTO5.
  2. Although the Biorhythmic Drainer has a proven track record and can significantly improve the results of any skincare treatment (face and/or body), the results are enhanced when both Biorhythmic Drainer and Chromapuncteur work in tandem to perform the “energetic drainages” and balance the energy of all five TCM fluids.
  3. With the Chromapuncteur, not only are energetic drainages possible, but additional energetic work using light therapy becomes available.

Energetic Drainage with the Biorhythmic Drainer


All Three Pieces of PHYTO5 Award Winning Proprietary Equipment


A treatment using the Chromapuncteur


A Biostimulateur Treatment