How to Easily Guide Yourself in the Selection of the Right Elemental Line Products for Your Skin Condition

Just like we don't wear the same type of clothing from one season to the next, PHYTO5 personalizes your skincare regimen from one season to the next. It makes sense. Doesn't it?

For Already Balanced Skin:

  • If your skin is in balance, use the skincare products of each energetic season as it comes in order to maintain that healthy skin balance and counteract the aggressions of each season's energy. The current energetic season is always shown in the upper portion of every page of this website and they don't exactly coincide with the dates of the four seasons as we know them.

For Skin that is Out of Balance and Exhibiting a Particular Skin Condition:

  • If you are experiencing a particular unpleasant skin condition, meaning your skin is out of balance, use the skincare products of the season which addresses the particular skin issues you are currently experiencing in order to reverse them. Any symptom you are experiencing in one of the 5 conditions shown below means you have an imbalance in that element.

Keys to Harmonious 5-Element Skincare:

  • The body is not just matter but is composed of an enormous amount of unseen vital energy, therefore for true holistic beauty, it's not enough to simply treat your skin's matter.
  • Energetic skincare holistically brings us into balance with our skin's matter AND its unseen vital energy as well.
  • We fall into imbalance for many reasons and often during a particular seasonal aspect.
  • By following PHYTO5’s energetic principles, you can easily guide yourself in the selection of the right products for your skincare and beauty regimen.

Because most products in the Elemental line are now quantum energetic because of the particular blends of premium grade essential oils we use combined with our unique proprietary formulation method, you will also experience a near euphoric and certainly very balanced and peaceful emotional state just by using the Elemental line products.

Here are the most common skin symptoms and emotions associated with the season and the element. Remember, if you are not experiencing any of these symptoms, you should use the product line of the current energetic season. 

Wood     Fire     Earth     Metal     Water

• for oiliness, blackheads, hyper-pigmentation and issues of vital energy circulation (indicating a Wood element imbalance)

• will also assist your emotional balance when you're feeling uncertainty, self-doubt and anger; restore your confident true nature!

SPRING ● Wood Element ● February 5 to April 17

• for irritated, sensitive, blotchy, allergic skin, couperose, and issues of red blood (arterial) circulation (indicating a Fire element imbalance)

• will also assist your emotional balance when you're feeling unhappy, depressed and in despair; restore your joyful true nature!

SUMMER ● Fire Element ● May 6 to July 19

• for dry, dull, lifeless and flaky skin, and issues of blue blood (venous) circulation (indicating a Metal element imbalance)

• will also assist your emotional balance when you're feeling sadness and discontentment; restore your true nature of contentment, ease and well-being!

FALL ● Metal Element ● August 7 to October 20

• for dehydration, lack of skin tone, wrinkles and issues of water circulation (water retention) (indicating a Water element imbalance)

• will also assist your emotional balance when you're feeling fearful and agitated; restore your relaxed and serene true nature; achieve a sense of true serenity!

WINTER ● Water Element ● November 8 to January 17

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• for blemishes, toxicity, acne, psoriasis, enlarged pores and lymph circulation problems (indicating an Earth element imbalance)

• will also assist your emotional balance when you're feeling stuck, stagnant and worrisome; restore your sense of knowing and creative true nature!


January 18 to February 4

April 18 to May 5

July 20 to August 6

October 21 to November 7