Ours Is an Exclusive Philosophy in Natural Skincare

The philosophy and formulation of the PHYTO5 skincare line is unique in the world.

No other company offers such an incredibly holistic and time-honored system of skincare.

Only one skincare company, PHYTO5, is founded on an extensive and fully integrated approach with relevant and proven tools that deliver on its energetic premise.

Our products embrace a total holistic philosophy blending the Five Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic principles.

Why You May Have Certain Skin Conditions and How the Five Element/Seasons Theory and PHYTO5 Skincare May Address Them

In energy medicine, esthetic conditions are believed to result from an internal energy balance or imbalance. The five elements classify all possible
skin conditions in five groups.

Your skin condition, as well as your body shape, can also tell where there is an energetic lack, or excess, from any of the five elemental energies. Skin manifestations and their localization relative to reflex zones give an indication of the energy, or energies, that are not balanced.

If your conditions stubbornly repeat after the symptoms have been temporarily diminished, they point to a systemic energetic imbalance. See them as a telltale sign of the dominating energy affecting you. It will determine the likely direction of your aging process.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the goal is to address not only the manifestation, but also the energetic cause of a health condition and this is PHYTO5's approach as well.

Skin conditions, especially recurring or chronic ones, can be helpful in understanding the state of wellness of an individual. This is particularly important for anyone with a growing interest in non-invasive, results-oriented modalities.

When you understand the underlying energetic cause of your skin and body conditions, it becomes possible to harmonize the flow of vital energy. This is a precondition to wellness and authentic beauty can only result from the level of vitality and wellness achieved.

Check out our gallery to quickly and easily determine which Seasonal/Elemental line (or a combination thereof) is right for you.


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An informal conversation with Jon Canas, former CEO of Laboratoire Gibro, S. A. and current president of PHYTO Distribution, U.S.

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An informal conversation with Jon Canas, former CEO of Laboratoire Gibro, S. A. and current president of PHYTO Distribution, U.S.

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