Nourishing Cream, 1.75 oz.


Nourishing Cream, 1.75 oz.


An incredibly nourishing and hydrating cream, Nourishing Cream with jojoba and shea butter is especially effective for sensitive, cracked or dry skin. With a powerful balance of hydrating compounds, the cream's pure ingredients and essential oils easily absorb into your skin to provide non-greasy protection and rich, glowing skin.

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Ageless Nourishing Cream is a rich moisturizing cream proven to increase hydration for sensitive, dry skin, no matter the climate. It is powered by jojoba oil and shea butter, two of the most effective natural hydrating compounds in the world, and is balanced by a blend of lemon, lavender, orange, cypress, and thyme essential oils that soothe and soften the skin long after use.

Unique ingredients are:

  • Jojoba oil: This vegetal oil is moisturizing with a non-greasy touch. Because of its unsaponifiable components (precious components found in some oils with softening, revitalizing and moisturizing properties), it spreads easily. Jojoba oil penetrates the epidermis easily without leaving any film, mainly because its characteristics are very close to those of the skin’s natural sebum. It is also an antioxidant with anti-age properties and revitalizes and nourishes skin and hair.
  • Shea butter: This butter from West Africa is very moisturizing and has healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It softens and smoothes skin and hair and stimulates the synthesis of collagen. Shea butter is recommended for the prevention of wrinkles and aging of the skin while protecting it from harsh weather conditions.
  • Ylang-ylang essential oil: A calming, sedative, aphrodisiacal oil, ylang-ylang assists as an antidepressant and helps maintain a good temper. It is an excellent skin and hair tonic.
  • Lavender essential oil: This oil lends a sensation of well-being and relaxation and quickens the healing process. It is recommended in cases of infection, allergic dermatitis, burns, wounds or acne.
  • Cypress essential oil: The best essential oil for venous and lymphatic circulation, cypress oil is especially recommended for varicose veins, heavy legs or venous stases. It is also anti-infectious and anti-ringworm.
  • Thyme essential oil: Thymol in thyme oil makes it an excellent natural preservative. Thyme oil possesses anti-infectious and antioxidant properties.
  • Wild guaiac wood oil: A natural fragrance ingredient, wild guaiac oil is also a food antioxidant and powerful anti-inflammatory.
Guaiacum officinale (Wild guaiac tree)

Guaiacum officinale (Wild guaiac tree)