Treatments from the Simple and Effective to State-of-the-Art: Face, Body, Scalp, and Hydrotherapy

PHYTO5® professional treatments work at both the levels of matter (skin, body) and of vital energy. This is important since the body is vital energy as well as matter. But, as known by all energy medicines, this is also important because any disharmony comes from an imbalance of one or more of the five aspects of vital energy. This approach ensures greater results as well as a deep sense of well-being when vital energy is balanced.

Facial Reflexology

Because all five aspects of vital energy have energetic pathways and reflex zones on the face, the Balancing Facial with all five colored clays is a signature treatment with immediate results to see and feel.

Anti-Age Facials

PHYTO5®'s Metal and Water element facials have all the components of effective “anti-age” treatments with strong mineralizing, hydrating and toning benefits.

The Chromalift™ is an award-winning facial, and works best as a series of three or five sessions. It is an energetic, holistic, and effective face-lifting with immediate results, using the most gentle form of light therapy.

Skin Issues

All conditions outlined for each of the five elements are effectively addressed by facials balancing the vital energy aspect responsible for the condition. In particular:

  • Acne solutions: Get ready to feel your skin purified! Detoxification is something your skin craves when excess buildup occurs deep within your pores. The PHYTO5® method, using the Earth element line with or without energetic drainage equipment, will reveal the radiant skin you’ve been looking for! PHYTO5® will balance your skin inside and out.
  • Calming red, irritated, sensitive skin: Sensitive skin is a problem many more people face today, and it can develop into couperose and roseacea. With the Fire element line and the PHYTO5® energetic drainage equipment, your worries and discomfort will soon be over. Your skin appearance will improve while it is calmed and soothed.
  • Scalp: Conditions visible on the face are often present on the scalp. The PHYTO5® treatments will effectively address scalp issues such as oiliness, redness and itchiness, pimples, dryness, and lack of tone.
  • Balancing Violet Clay Envelopment: This signature treatment is vital-energy-balancing and immediately improves the appearance of the skin.
  • Energetic drainage: a unique treatment from PHYTO5® with proprietary equipment to stimulate and balance vital energy and fluids using light therapy.
  • Slimming and contouring treatments: this treatment series to detoxify, slim and tone is a specialty of PHYTO5® with the seasonal energetic lines and equipment. It provides effective results in a holistic and natural way.
  • Anti-aging, hydrating and toning treatments: our amazing colored clays rich in essential oils, and other algae-based products rich in minerals are well suited for effective “anti-age” body treatments to improve skin tone and appearance naturally.

From pampering to slimming, PHYTO5® effectively balances vital energy for better results and a greater sense of well-being. Treatments can be done with simply the PHYTO5® products or they might also include our proprietary technology in order to assist with the balancing of vital energy, stimulation of fluids, and improvement of the skin's overall appearance.


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Mineralize for Even Better Performance of PHYTO5 Skincare with OLIGO5

L'oligo5 [Oligo 5] 1.75 oz.

A 100% natural origin mineral delivery spray for the skin; 'Oligo' comes from the Greek 'oligoi,' meaning few or containing a relatively small number of units. In this case, these units are manganese, cobalt, zinc, magnesium and copper (plus algae) in PHYTO5's 100% natural origin Oligo5 sensational product. These minerals collaborate to regenerate the skin and give it luster and elasticity. Minerals soothe and reduce the discomfort of inflammation caused by exposure to the sun. You can even spray Oligo5 in your hair and the trace mineral complex will stimulate melanin production resulting in lustrous color and vitality. On the scalp, it calms itching and stimulates hair growth. Apply Oligo Spray 5 morning and evening on your skin and hair to keep them healthy.

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