PHYTO5® traditional phytoceuticals are natural skincare products with targeted missions for specific results. Their names and taglines indicate their purpose and benefits. Made in Switzerland of high quality natural ingredients, many products in this line are certified organic by ECOCERT®. These products can be used either in conjunction with PHYTO5® seasonal–elemental–energetic lines or on their own. Click through each product for fuller descriptions including ingredients and to order.


Mild Cleansing Milk

A very mild cleanser for all skin types, particularly for sensitive skin. The milky consistency removes bacteria and impurities without drying the skin. This cleanser is an excellent make-up remover.

Le lait corporel [Hydrating Body Milk] 6.75 oz., 17 oz.
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Hydrating Body Milk

Very hydrating; recommended for dry and/or sensitive skin; anti-age and regenerating properties; its natural fragrance opens on a note of white jasmine that blends into a core of peach, violet and mimosa; its lasting aroma is the pleasant sweetness of vanilla

Le gel nettoyant visage [Purifying Cleansing Gel] 1.75 oz., 3.5 oz.
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Facial Cleansing Gel

This strong facial cleansing gel is recommended for oily or toxic skin. It deeply cleanses and helps balance oil production. Use during a treatment phase and not continuously.


Phyt'acid Cleansing Face and Body Gel

A pH balancing face and body wash gel to restore the acid mantle and protect the skin. It creates a calming and soothing effect, especially in sensitive skin. It also gently exfoliates dead skin cells.


Eye Cream

This very rich cream is recommended for the sensitive skin around the eyes and the fine lines. It balances puffiness or dark circles and creates a smooth, firm and healthy look around the eyes.


Biostimulant Cream

A nourishing, hydrating treatment cream for all skin types to lift and tone the skin; will leave the skin feeling smooth and looking healthy

La crème acide [Natural pH Balancing Cream] 1.75 oz. and 3.5 oz.
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Extreme Yang OE Face and Neck Cream

OE is the energy of the sun in Chinese. This is a high protection cream for face and body which includes natural mineral filters and anti-wrinkle and anti-aging agents aloe, shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E; with excellent moisturizing properties and intended for daily use.


Natural pH Cream

Protective Natural pH Cream can be used for all skin types and conditions. It restores the skin's balance and creates a soothing protective barrier. It may be especially beneficial in cases of minor burns and irritations such as shaving.

L'oligo5 [Oligo 5] 1.75 oz.
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Oligo 5

A 100% natural origin mineral delivery spray for the skin; Oligo, short for oligonucleotide, comes from the Greek 'oligoi,' meaning few or containing a relatively small number of units. In this case, these units are manganese, cobalt, zinc, magnesium and copper (plus algae) in PHYTO5's 100% natural origin Oligo5 sensational product.


Extreme Hydrating Hand Cream

Makes rough and dry hands soft and smooth; regenerates the acid protection mantle of the skin