PHYTO5 Equipment

Also known as chromatherapy (chromotherapy), light therapy with different colors corresponding to different sets of frequencies (frequency ranges) is used to balance vital energy and to enhance the effects of PHYTO5 energetic skincare products. PHYTO5 treatments are even more precise when we add light therapy.

Only one device does not use light by itself, namely, the Biorhythmic Drainer which assists in drainage or movement of the body's five fluids by simulating a consistent palpating motion as in massage.


The 5-Speed Biorhythmic Drainer


A drainage session

The Biorhythmic Drainer

The Biorhythmic Drainer  mechanically reproduces the gentle movement of a hand massage focused on moving energy and fluids. 

The Biorhythmic Drainer will enhance all beauty treatments of the face and body. It contributes to normalizing the flow of energy and stimulates the movement of fluids. As a result, the Biorhythmic Drainer should be incorporated in all face and body treatments, particularly anti-aging and contouring treatments. 

The Chromapuncteur–10


Biorhythmic Drainerand Chromapuncteur used together


The Chromapuncteur 10 is used for esthetic treatments of the face and body. This sophisticated chromatherapy (light therapy) machine uses dichroic filters to ensure the highest potency for each color. Superior to LED (Light Emitting Diode), it provides for the full range of frequencies corresponding to each desired color. It is very safe as filters ensure that there are no ultraviolet and/or infrared frequencies. 

The Chromapuncteur 10 is a light machine that offers a choice of nine colors and of white light. It produces energetic frequencies from the visible spectrum of electromagnetic waves in harmony with the energies of each of the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and of the seven major energetic centers (chakras). Each color of light includes all the frequencies that constitute the selected color, contrary to the limited frequencies found in LED machines.

The Biostimulateur


The Biostimulateur at work


According to the Theory of the Five Elements, each organ system of the body vibrates according to its own ideal rhythm or frequency. The Biostimulateur is a highly specialized piece of equipment used to work on points of acupuncture and reflex zones with pre-calibrated mechanical vibrations.