Chromapuncteur therapy

Chromapuncteur therapy

 Light is vibration and vibration is energy. 

Light is vibration and vibration is energy. 

 Chromapuncteur on the body

Chromapuncteur on the body


Biodraineur in tandem with the Chromapuncteur, pictured above.


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The Chromapuncteur™

The Chromapuncteur™ 10 is used for esthetic treatments of the face and body. This sophisticated chromatherapy (light therapy) machine uses dichroic filters to ensure the highest potency for each color. Superior to LED (Light Emitting Diode), it provides for the full range of frequencies corresponding to each desired color. It is very safe as filters ensure that there are no ultraviolet and/or infrared frequencies. To more fully understand why and how PHYTO5's dichroic filter technology is superior to LED, go here.

The Chromapuncteur™ 10 is a light machine that offers a choice of nine colors and of white light. It produces energetic frequencies from the visible spectrum of electromagnetic waves in harmony with the energies of each of the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and of the seven major energetic centers (chakras). Each color of light includes all the frequencies that constitute the selected color, contrary to the limited frequencies found in LED machines. The proper choice of color enables the practitioner to balance vital energy according to the 5 Elements of TCM and the seven chakras of Ayurveda.

The light beams through two fiber optic cables (+/- six feet long) for ease of use and to extend to acupuncture points or chakras. Two different colors can be used simultaneously. This is an excellent for chakra balancing. It can also be used on reflex zones, to energize topical products, and to target the movement of fluids when used in tandem with the Biodraineur™. PHYTO5  protocols give the proper colors to use, and the location of chakras and points to work for each treatment. 

The Biodraineur™ can be combined with the Chromapuncteur™ 10 to perform energetic drainages of the five fluids of TCM (energy, red blood, lymph, blue blood and water).

The Chromapuncteur™ 10 can be coupled with the Biostimulateur™ to add the energy of light to the mechanical vibration of the Biostimulateur™ and to further enhance the energetic effect on meridians or reflex zones.

Phytobiodermie® was awarded a Prize for Innovation-1998 at the Paris Beauty and Spa Conference and Trade Show for its pioneering work with light therapy and, in particular, the Chromalift™ signature facial. 

The equipment produces absolutely no pain or unpleasant sensation. There are no invasive frequencies produced or transferred. No electric currents are used on your skin. The machines are fully holistic, energetic, and natural in the work they perform.

Use Light Therapy provided by the Chromapuncteur to:

  • work on acupuncture points for each type of skin condition for face, body and breast treatments
  • open energetic pathways working with eye treatments
  • balance organic and hormonal systems 
  • provide therapy and balance for chakras
  • enhance gemstone therapies
  • serve as an additional tool for holistic healthcare practitioners in the treatment of many ailments

Use the Biodraineur with the Chromapuncteur to target specific fluids for personalization:

  • Red light for energy circulation: stimulates collagen, improves pigmentation, purifies and lightens the skin
  • Green light for arterial circulation: reduces redness, soothes sensitive skin, improves and calms rosacea and blotchy skin, strengthens capillaries
  • Blue light for lymph circulation: detoxes impurities for acne prone skin, improves the appearance of enlarged pores, reduces lymph congestion, improves appearance of the skin
  • Yellow light for venous circulation: provides anti-aging benefits, reduces puffiness and congestion, oxygenates and eliminates toxins, plumps fine lines, brightens dull, lifeless looking skin
  • Orange light for water circulation: provides anti-aging benefits, improves elasticity as it tones and contours, softens deep lines, regenerates leaving a lifting effect on mature and sun damaged skin

Use the Chromapuncteur for Eye Treatments to:

  • balance puffiness and dark circles
  • soften and diminish deep lines
  • contour and lift the surrounding area
  • brighten and reshape the eyes
  • assist with seasonal allergies
  • prepare for pre-op and assist healing for post-op procedures

Use the Chromapuncteur for Body Treatments to:

  • assist in weight reduction programs
  • complement slimming and toning programs
  • provide body contouring treatment
  • improve the immune system
  • enhance one's state of well-being
  • help detox the body
  • augment seasonal treatments
  • tone the breasts
  • to stimulate fluids for inactive people with injuries
  • prepare for pre-op and assist healing for post-op procedures
  • prepare for pregnancy and assist healing post-childbirth