You hear the gentle humming of the pump of the drainage machine as you feel the gliding of its glass cups over face or body. Before starting, the technician applies a vegetal-based oil emulsion mixed with a blend of essential oils on the area being treated. The oil facilitates the gliding of the cups on the skin as it also helps maintain an airtight contact of cup against skin. The pumps alternatively suck in and release the skin layers as the cups are guided by the esthetician or massage therapist following prescribed pathways. The essential oil added to the vegetal oil promotes the movement of fluids below the surface of the skin.



   Pictured above, chromadrainage (drainage with light from the Chromapuncteur).

Pictured above, chromadrainage (drainage with light from the Chromapuncteur).

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The Biodraineur™

The Biodraineur™  mechanically reproduces the gentle movement of a hand massage focused on moving energy and fluids. 

The Biodraineur™ will enhance all beauty treatments of the face and body. It contributes to normalizing the flow of energy and stimulates the movement of fluids. As a result, the Biodraineur™ should be incorporated in all face and body treatments, particularly anti-aging and contouring treatments. 

The five-speed Biodraineur™ has pre-calibrated suction rhythms adapted to each of the five fluids of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The Biodraineur™ can be used on its own or coupled with the Chromapuncteur™ (light machine) with a “Y” connector (pictured, left) to add the attributes of the energy of light. It creates five different energetic drainages. This makes the Biodraineur™ a unique tool for superior treatments. For anyone also using a Chromapuncteur™, the right complementary color of light to use for each of the five energetic drainages is automatically indicated by a small LED light. 

The equipment produces absolutely no pain or unpleasant sensation. There are no invasive frequencies produced or transferred. No electric currents are used on your skin. The machines are fully holistic, energetic, and natural in the work they perform.

Use Drainage and the Biodraineur™ for the Eye Area to:

  • brighten the area surrounding the eyes
  • reduce puffy eyes
  • improve dark circles
  • plumps fine lines
  • reduces the signs of aging
  • improve lift and tone

Use Drainage and the Biodraineur™ for the Face to:

  • soften deep lines
  • give a contoured look
  • energize the skin
  • stimulate circulation
  • stimulate (detoxification) lymph
  • soothes sensitive skin
  • decongest puffiness
  • tone

Use Drainage and the Biodraineur™ on the Body to:

  • improve circulation
  • energize the body
  • reduce congestion or heaviness
  • tone and shape heavy legs
  • detox (improving lymph circulation)
  • improve cellulite 
  • assist in weight loss
  • tone and soften
  • regulate excessive heat

Use Drainage and the Biodraineur™ on the Breasts to:

  • reduce congested areas and soreness
  • tone and regenerate breast tissue
  • improve lymph circulation
  • eliminate impurities
  • improve appearance