Sweet Almond Oil Shampoo–Metal, 6.75 oz., 17 oz.


Sweet Almond Oil Shampoo–Metal, 6.75 oz., 17 oz.

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Revitalizing for dry, itchy scalp or for demineralized or brittle hair; nourishes,
softens and deeply hydrates hair and scalp

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Superbly Harmonizing Ingredients

Metal Shampoo with Sweet Almond Oil is a revitalizing shampoo, specially formulated for dry scalp and dry, demineralized or brittle hair. When such conditions are not treated, dry dandruff and itchy scalp follows.  The unique synergy created between sweet almond and other essential oils produces a nourishing shampoo that softens and deeply hydrates hair and scalp.

Unique ingredients are:

  • Organic sweet almond oil: Rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids (it contains about 70% Omega 9) and in vitamins, sweet almond oil lends nourishing, soothing, protective and hydrating properties to the skin. Additionally, it is anti-inflammatory. It is a softener and a tonic for skin and hair and recommended for dry dandruff.

  • Vitamin C: This potent antioxidant is needed in the synthesis of collagen and blood. It has excellent anti-aging properties.

  • Vitamin E: The main antioxidant of the organism, it protects cells against free radicals and prevents oils from going rancid.

  • Lavender oil: This oil lends a sensation of well-being and relaxation and quickens the healing process. It is recommended in cases of infection, allergic dermatitis, burns, wounds or acne.

  • Ylang ylang oil: A calming, sedative, aphrodisiacal oil, ylang-ylang assists as an antidepressant and helps maintain a good temper. It is an excellent skin and hair tonic.

  • Lemon oil: An anti-inflammatory, anti-irritating and astringent that relaxes nervous energy, this oil attenuates wrinkles and is used in the treatment of cellulite.

  • Thyme oil: iThymol in thyme oil makes it an excellent natural preservative. Thyme oil possesses anti-infectious and antioxidant properties.

  • Cypress oil: The best essential oil for venous and lymphatic circulation, cypress oil is especially recommended for varicose veins, heavy legs or venous stases. It is also anti-infectious and anti-ringworm.

  • Sweet marjoram oil: This oil is an antiseptic, anti-irritant and relaxant.

Flowering sweet almond tree

Flowering sweet almond tree