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  • Water Element Day Cream, 1.75.: (reg. $69) Pay only $55.20 and save $13.80!

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Algae Mousse, 1.75 oz.

The mineralizing facial mask is powered by organic algae, a natural source of polysaccharides. Proven to rebuild the skin’s protective layers, hydrate, and increase hydration-retention, Ageless Algae Mousse is an exceptional mineralizing mask tat reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Pigmentation Cream, 1.75 oz.

A balanced pigmentation cream with proven ingredients to reduce and eliminate brown spots as well as inhibit melanin production that causes new spots to form. Made potent by the Alpine Edelweiss flower and Japanese Wakame seaweed, these ingredients are ideal for combatting brown spots associated with aging or sun damaged skin.

Red Clay Mask, 3.5 oz.

For face, body and scalp; with essential oils for sensitive red skin and couperose conditions

Day Cream Ceresal–Wood Element, 1.75 oz.

A regenerating day cream that protects, balances oil production and leaves skin with a clear matte finish; very protecting against the climatic energies of the season

Day Cream Ceresal–Water Element, 1.75 oz.

Hydrating and energetic protection with antioxidant properties for Winter season; for firming and toning