Seasonal Energetic Lines

In Alignment with the 5-Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine

🇨🇭 Any imbalance you are experiencing in one of the 5 conditions/seasons shown below demonstrates you have an imbalance in that element, therefore use the products of that seasonal line.

🇨🇭 If you are not experiencing any of the imbalance skin conditions shown below, you should use the product line of the current energetic season we are in.


SPRING ● Wood Element

February 5 to April 17

Wood imbalance manifests as oiliness, blackheads, hyper-pigmentation and issues of vital energy circulation.

SUMMER ● Fire Element

May 6 to July 19

Fire imbalance manifests as irritated, sensitive, blotchy, allergic skin, couperose, and issues of red blood (arterial) circulation.


FALL ● Metal Element

August 7 to October 20

Metal imbalance manifests as dry, dull, lifeless and flaky skin, and issues of blue blood (venous) circulation.

WINTER ● Water Element

November 8 to January 17

Water imbalance manifests as dehydration, lack of skin tone, wrinkles and issues of water circulation (water retention).


January 18 to February 4; April 18 to May 5: July 20 to August 6; October 21 to November 7

Earth imbalance manifests as blemishes, toxicity, acne, psoriasis, enlarged pores and lymph circulation problems.