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Fire Phyt'Ether–Eye Cream–Metal Toner Trio
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Fire Element Phyt'Ether serum: Soothe, calm and balance the skin. Use Fire Phyt'Ether to treat red, sensitive skin, excessive perspiration, and couperose. It balances the energy of red blood circulation. Lightly inhaling Phyt'Ether's fragrance will elevate sad feelings to happiness, contentment and joy. Just one drop in the palm of your hand. Learn more.

La crème contour des yeux [Eye Cream–For All Skin Conditions] is our INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER! This very rich cream is recommended for the sensitive skin around the eyes and the fine lines. It balances puffiness and/or dark circles and creates a smooth, firm and healthy look around the eyes. Learn more.

Mineralizing Toner–Metal Element: Without minerals delivered to the skin, creams are much less effective. This toner enlivens the skin. Though everyone can benefit from using this toner, it is especially wonderful for mineral-deficient skin. It is non-alcohol and refreshing with metal balancing properties ideal for use during the Fall season. Energy balancing Metal Toner is effective in combatting dry, dull, lifeless skin with poor superficial circulation. Learn more.