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FREE Basic PHYTO5® Method Training for Face and Body Energetic Skincare at PHYTO5 U.S. Headquarters, PHYTO5 Institute, 2575 Kurt. St., Eustis, Florida

PHYTO5® is recognized as world leader in energetic, natural and holistic skincare since the early '80s. The PHYTO5® method offers comprehensive treatments for face, scalp, body and hydrotherapy. It provides spas, institutes and wellness centers with a true competitive advantage–the guarantee of excellent results and increased customer satisfaction.

With Trainer and Director of PHYTO5® Institute, Gina Cassisi Canas (pictured above).

Discover How Energetic Skincare Is the Step Beyond in Skincare. Make Your Reservation Now to Attend This FREE Event!

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PHYTO5® is a pioneer in drainage (with the Biodraineur™) now considered as a prerequisite for a quality facial or body treatment. PHYTO5® also introduced the use of light therapy (with the Chromapuncteur™).

It opens endless possibilities for trained technicians since light therapy is a painless and non-invasive modality with results similar to acupuncture. Combining Biodraineur™ and Chromapuncteur™ with the PHYTO5® products creates the spectacular Chromalift,™ a natural, holistic, energetic facelift which received the Prize for Innovation 1998 in Paris.

PHYTO5® offers the following:

  • An authentic East meets West theme;
  • A holistic and comprehensive approach to the whole body;
  • A new experience for your customers;
  • A way to be differentiated from your competition;
  • A common methodology for all spa treatments from head to toe.

Although you will find great depth and logic to the PHYTO5® Method, learning and practicing it can be surprisingly simple, thanks to the way the product line is organized, how the training unfolds, and how the protocols are presented.