French Lessons in PHYTO5

You may have noticed that our "Swiss Line" products (traditional phytoceutical skincare) are named in French with English translations. Curious about how to pronounce them? Well, here you go! Just click the arrow to play and repeat as many times as you want. Have fun!


L'alguessence bain [Algae-Essence Bath]

A potent and therapeutic bath additive made of algae concentrates, plankton and marine minerals, and premium grade natural essential oils that hydrate, mineralize, and promote vital energy balance and fluid circulation. The unique formulations provides a potent and synergistic well-being effect.

L'émulsion corporelle [Body Lotion]

Body Lotion is a delicate vegetal base and very viscous, neutral moisturizer. Many term our Swiss line Body Lotion the queen of PHYTO5 skincare. An excellent approach to hydration, Body Lotion is an ultra-light fluid with a silky soft feel. Quickly absorbed, it restores suppleness to the skin in seconds, the embodiment of simplicity and speed. Body Lotion contains several unique ingredients known for their skin enhancing properties. Click "Learn More" for details on its natural ingredients.

L'oligo5 [Oligo 5] 1.75 oz.
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L'oligo 5 [Oligo 5 Trace Mineral Spray]

We all lose minerals as we age or live in stressful environmental conditions. Certain minerals are needed to hold hydration in the skin. Without them, creams won't help. Skin can't be properly hydrated without a sufficient mineral delivery such as PHYTO5's proprietary 100% natural origin mineral delivery. It contains the following trace minerals which are able to penetrate the skin's layers and help establish skin that is receptive to moisturization:

  • Manganese for vitamin B synthesis; protects the skin against free radicals; soothing and calming properties;

  • Cobalt necessary for hemoglobin, it's a great antioxidant;

  • Zinc stimulates synthesis of collagen and elastin–so necessary for youthful skin; great as an anti-inflammatory and skin revitalizer;

  • Magnesium relaxes muscles and helps smooth wrinkles; it acts on cell renewal and energy-production within cells; it also helps to bind calcium which improves skin hydration;

  • Copper is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant with anti-aging properties because it stimulates production of keratin, collagen and elastin which make skin look toned and youthful.

La crème acide [Natural pH Balancing Cream] 1.75 oz. and 3.5 oz.
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La crème acide [Natural pH Balancing Cream]

Natural pH Balancing Cream can be used for all skin types and conditions. It is very protective and restores the skin's balance creating a soothing protective barrier. It can be especially beneficial in cases of minor burns and irritations such as shaving.

La crème contour des yeux [Eye Cream]

This very rich cream is recommended for the sensitive skin around the eyes and to help diminish fine lines. It helps to bring balance to the areas of puffiness or dark circles around the eyes and creates a smooth, firm and bright appearance to the eyes.

La crème mains [Extreme Hydrating Hand Cream]

Extreme Hydrating Hand Cream is a pleasant and effective moisturizing cream to luxuriously smooth and soften rough, dry hands. It contains the powerful hydrating compound known as Aquaxyl. Details on Aquaxyl and other unique natural ingredients can be accessed by clicking on "Learn More" below.

La crème visage [Face Cream]

A nourishing, hydrating treatment cream for all skin types that lifts and tones the skin leaving the skin feeling smooth and looking radiantly healthy. It is rich in a number of very potent age-defying unique ingredients.

La crème yang OE [Extreme Yang OE Cream]

OE is the energy of the sun in Chinese. This is a high protection cream for face and body which includes natural mineral filters and anti-wrinkle and anti-aging agents aloe, shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E. With excellent moisturizing properties, this cream is intended and perfect for daily use.

Le gel nettoyant visage [Purifying Facial Cleansing Gel] 1.75 oz., 3.5 oz.
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Le gel nettoyant visage [Purifying Facial and Body Cleansing Gel]

This strong facial cleansing gel is recommended for oily or toxic skin. It deeply cleanses and helps balance oil production. Use during a treatment phase but not continuously.

Le gel visage [Face Gel] 1.75 oz.
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Le gel visage [Tropical Hydrating Cream]

Tropical Hydrating Cream is extremely hydrating and soothing. Its gel-cream texture is very pleasant for use during warm or humid periods and in hot climates. It is protective and an excellent age-defying product and recommended for all skin types, particularly for dry and sensitive skin.

Le gommage zen [Zen Body Exfoliation]

Zen Body Exfoliation is a very soft product for the kind of mild exfoliation essential to healthy glowing skin. Tiny non-invasive bamboo powder and lotus seed granules help create the exfoliating action and assist the removal of dry dead skin cells and sebum leaving the skin smooth and soft. Zen Body Exfoliation contributes to cell renewal and helps stimulate the energy of circulation.

Le lait corporel [Hydrating Body Milk] 6.75 oz., 17 oz.
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Le lait corporel [Hydrating Body Milk]

As the name implies, a very hydrating milk recommended for dry and/or sensitive skin with potent age-defying and regenerating properties.

Le lait démaquillant douceur [Mild Facial Cleansing Milk]

A very mild cleanser for all skin types, Mild Facial Cleansing Milk is formulated particularly for sensitive skin. Its milky consistency removes bacteria and impurities without drying the skin. This cleanser is an excellent make-up remover.

Le phyt'acid [Phyt'acid Facial Cleansing and Shower Gel]

A pH balancing face and body wash gel to restore the acid mantle and protect the skin, this products creates a calming and soothing effect, especially for sensitive skin. It also gently exfoliates dead skin cells.

Le sérum silhouette [Contouring Gel]

Contouring Serum protects the DNA of skin cells and promotes the stimulation of both microcirculation, vital energy flow and lymph drainage, and it encourages destruction of unnecessary fat cells and elimination of dead fat cells. Rich in minerals and Omega 3 fatty acids (among other unique ingredients), it is hydrating, softening, nourishing, and mineralizing.