Wei Chi and the Beauty of Emotions: FREE White Paper


Wei Chi and the Beauty of Emotions: FREE White Paper


This novel and revolutionary approach to more fully experiencing well-being is based on the role of emotions and new PHYTO5 product formulations which provide more potency as a result of their enhanced vibrational levels, scientifically measuring at the quantum level.

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Wei Chi is the protector of our outer energy field, the aura, and of the superficial layers of the body, the skin. Any pathogen that will eventually attack the physical body needs first to defeat Wei Chi by penetrating through the aura and past it, through the skin layers. Wei Chi’s specific function is to guard and protect our external energy field and the outer physical envelope of our body, including the skin. It is the energy of our immune system.

An understanding of the importance of emotions in the process of achieving wellness is vital to our vitality and well-being. When we improve our emotional quotient (EQ), we automatically elevate our health, happiness, character, and even our physical appearance.