Energetic Skincare Introduction: FREE White Paper


Energetic Skincare Introduction: FREE White Paper


The most efficient skincare products and spa treatments yielding superior results, work both at the level of matter (skin or body shape) and of energy (vital energy). That is logical knowing that the body is both matter and energy. Authentic energetic skincare requires genuine energetic products.

Only natural products have vital energy. High grade essential oils have a multiple of the vital energy of the plants they come from. Further, blends of essential oils can be selected for their inherent capacity to balance vital energy. This is the foundational concept of energetic skincare.

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PHYTO5 follows the formulation principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). PHYTO5 products achieve energy balancing according to the five elements of TCM. The five aspects of vital energy are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

In TCM, skin is viewed with great reverence. It is more than a barrier between the inside of the body and the outside environment. It is linked to the organ function of Lung (i.e. a breathing/ eliminating function) and consequently, to the energy of the Metal element, but there is more.

Your skin is particularly important because it is a reflexive organ that provides important telltale signs of what is going on within your body. Any skin problem recurring in the same area is an indicator of your health condition. Your skin’s role as a provider of natural early warning signs can help you maintain or achieve an improved state of wellness and vitality.

This is the foundational concept of energetic skincare.

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