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It's time for a Summer cooldown skin regimen. These three Swiss Line products are formulated for use in hot and humid weather and climates. For all skin types, epecially dry and sensitive. Promo code limited time offer.


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Le gel visage [Face Gel] 1.75 oz.

Face Gel (formerly called Tropical Hydrating Cream) is a light but very hydrating and soothing facial product. Its gel-cream texture is very pleasant for use during warm or humid periods and in hot climates. It is protective and an excellent anti-age product. This cream is recommended for all skin types and particular for dry and sensitive skin.

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Le masque gel visage [Face Gel Mask], 3.5 oz.

The soft and light texture of Face Gel Mask refreshes, intensely hydrates and regenerates skin on a deeper level. It helps to strengthen and revitalize skin. Face Gel Mask is an even deeper hydrating/cooling experience than Face Gel. Though the ingredients are the same, they are formulated in different concentrations to achieve the deeper effect.

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La crème visage [Face Cream with Vitamin E] 1.75 oz. (Biostimulant)

Swiss Line Face Cream with Vitamin E is a nourishing treatment cream for all skin types to lift and tone the skin. A cream or gel-cream consistency, Face Cream can be used day and/or night. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and looking radiantly healthy.


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