The Energy of Light

Also known as Chromatherapy, light therapy with different colors corresponding to different sets of frequencies (frequency ranges), is used to balance vital energy and to enhance the effects of PHYTO5 energetic skincare products. PHYTO5 treatments are even more precise when we add light therapy.

Only one device does not use light, namely, the Biorhythmic Drainer, which assists in drainage or movement of the body's five fluids by simulating a consistent palpating motion as in massage.

Some of the spa treatments performed with the PHYTO5 technology on both face and body are:

  • All skin conditions and “anti-age” treatments
  • Pre- and post-surgical operations
  • Holistic and non-invasive face-lifting
  • Work on acupuncture points, reflex zones, and chakras
  • Lymphatic drainage and energetic drainages
  • Slimming and contouring treatments
The equipment never produces any pain or unpleasant sensation. There are no invasive frequencies produced or transferred. No electric currents are used on your skin. The machines are fully holistic, energetic, and natural in the work they perform.

Training is required.  Contact Phyto Distribution, Inc. at 352-483-4800 for info.



PHYTO5 was awarded a Prize for Innovation at the Beauty Trade Show in Paris, France in April 1998 for its pioneering work with light therapy, and in particular, the Chromalift facial.


Three pieces of PHYTO5 award-winning proprietary equipment can each be used separately or in combination with other devices.

  • The Biorhythmic Drainer (drainage machine) mechanically reproduces the gentle movement of a hand massage focused on moving energy and fluids;
  • The Chromapuncteur (light machine) offers energetic frequencies from the visible spectrum of electromagnetic waves, in harmony with the energies of each of the five elements, of the major energetic centers (chakras) and the five fluids of traditional Chinese medicine within the five elements. 
  • The Biostimulateur is a highly specialized piece of equipment used to work on points of acupuncture and reflex zones with precalibrated mechanical vibrations. The energy of light can also be added to the Biostimulateur for greater energetic effect and superior results.

To locate your nearest PHYTO5 spa so that you can enjoy this revolutionary light therapy, please call 352-483-4800.