Energy of Light–An Added Dimension

The energy of light (light therapy or chromatherapy) using various colors corresponding to different sets of frequencies (frequency ranges) is used to balance vital energy and to enhance the effects of PHYTO5 energetic skincare products.

Some of the spa treatments performed with PHYTO5 equipment (on face and body) are:

  1. All skin conditions and anti-age treatments
  2. Pre- and post-surgical operations
  3. Holistic and non-invasive face-lifting
  4. Work on acupuncture points, reflex zones, and chakras
  5. Lymphatic drainage and energetic drainages
  6. Slimming and contouring treatments

PHYTO5 was awarded a Prize for Innovation at the Beauty Trade Show in Paris, France in April 1998 for its pioneering work with light-therapy, and in particular, the Chromalift™ facial, a non-invasive facelift therapy using PHYTO5 equipment offering visible results in as little as one to five sessions. Notice the Chromalift™ comparison photos just below.

   Pictured above, comparison of "Before Chromalift ™ " on the left and     "After Chromalift ™"  on the right

Pictured above, comparison of "Before Chromalift" on the left and "After Chromalift™" on the right