The Five Element Line

5 Seasons     5 Elements     5 Sets of Skin Conditions     5 Basic Emotions


The five element line is "energetic" meaning it treats both matter and unseen vital energy because for true holistic beauty and vitality, we must recognize that the body is not only matter but vital energy almost equally so.


All products in the the five element lines (except for shampoo and conditioner) are quantum energetic (high vibrational. This means the benefits received from the Elemental line products will be even more remarkable as healing agents than our already outstanding energetic line was before.

This is at once an ancient concept and a very modern one demonstrated today by quantum physics. To understand the quantum healing concept, Deepak Chopra says it perfectly in Grow Younger, Live Longer:

Your body is a field of energy, information, and intelligence… capable of perpetual healing, renewal and transformation.

The “5” in PHYTO5 stands for its five element lines. "PHYTO" means our products are formulated with unique, natural, premium-grade plant-based ingredients—the result of integrating ancestral knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine with leading edge Swiss research. 

These lines are formulated in harmony with each one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. The Elemental line follows TCM’s five groups of skin conditions, energetic seasons, and emotions.

The concept is simple and at the same time very personalized for you:

  • If your skin is balanced, keep it balanced by using the products of the current energetic season which is always shown near the top of every page of this website.

  • If you have a particular skin condition, meaning it is out of balance, use the products of the element that address the condition. The elements and skin conditions are shown in the left column of this page and also here.

Wood Element–Energetic Spring Season | February 5 to April 17 | Shop the Line

  • For treating the skin condition of oiliness, blackheads and hyperpigmentation

  • For when you're feeling uncertainty, self-doubt and anger; restore your confident true nature!

Fire Element–Energetic Summer Season | May 6 to July 19 | Shop the Line

  • For treating irritated, sensitive, blotchy, allergic and couperose skin

  • For when you're feeling unhappy, depressed and in despair; now restore your joyful true nature!

Earth Element–Between Energetic Seasons | Shop the Line

January 18 to February 4; April 18 to May 5; July 20 to August 6; October 21 to November 7

  • For treating blemishes, toxicity, acne, psoriasis, enlarged pores and stagnant lymph

  • For when you're feeling stuck, stagnant and worrisome; restore your sense of knowing and creative true nature!

Metal Element–Energetic Fall Season | August 7 to October 20 | Shop the Line

  • For treating dry, dull and lifeless skin, surface flakiness and issues of blue blood circulation

  • For when you're feeling sadness and discontentment; restore your true nature of contentment, ease and well-being!

Water Element–Energetic Winter Season | November 8 to January 17 | Shop the Line

  • For treating dehydration, lack of tone, wrinkles, and water retention issues

  • For when you're feeling fearful and agitated; restore your relaxed and serene true nature–a sense of true serenity!


All PHYTO5 products are completely formulated and manufactured at Laboratoire Gibro in the canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, in the heart of Jura Mountains–a protected environment, pristine, and free from pollution. 

Cosmebio and EcoCert apply to PHYTO5's Ageless La Cure line of skincare only.

What Professionals Say About PHYTO5 Skin and Haircare

Quantum healing moves away from external, high-technology methods towards the deepest core of the mind-body system. This core is where healing begins. To go there and learn to promote the healing response, you must get past all the grosser levels of the body–cells, tissues, organs, and systems–and arrive at the junction point between mind and matter, the point where consciousness actually starts to have an effect.
Having worked with PHYTO5 since 1988, I have taken my practice to levels of healing that I could never have imagined. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to continually learn advanced techniques from PHYTO5 to enable me to give my clients results that amaze them.
— Cheryl Ferrari, Face Facts Healing Spa, Boston, MA
I am continually amazed at the results from PHYTO5 products. I have witnessed this for myself and on numerous clients: There is transformation by simply using ‘energetic’ products which prompt lasting results. My clients frequently ask me why the results are so profound. My response is: ‘You have witnessed vital energy in motion!’
— Alexandra Clark Marks, Dipl. LAc., MSOM, NMD, Chicago, IL
Phytobiodermie is regarded as one of our company’s secrets to our success. We have an unwavering commitment to PHYTO’s methods and techniques which clearly set us apart from the vast number of day spas. There are no other product lines that may compare with PHYTO’s energetic methods, advanced techniques and award winning custom designed machines. They are the Rolls Royce of skincare. Truly for the ‘masters’ of our craft.
— Dawn D. Tardif, D. AY., Founder and Director of Bodiscience Day Spa & Wellness Center, Beverly, MA
As a naturopath, I am thrilled that there is a group of skincare products that actually addresses the connection between the skin and the inner organic structure of the body. This energetic connection is the most important aspect of health and healing which is a concept that is becoming more understood each day. PHYTO5 is what convinced me to add skincare to the therapies available at my holistic clinic. Since much of our therapeutic approach to the body is based on Chinese Five Element Theory and the energetic principles of healing, PHYTO5 was not only the impetus for establishing our skincare therapy, but also the deciding factor in providing lymphatic drainage. The PHYTO5 drainage system is more effective and more lasting than the manual technique, or other machine options that we tried. I personally have used PHYTO5 since about 1995 and cannot imagine my skin and the health of my body without it.
— Karen S. Clickner, ND, LMT, LCT, Director, ISIS Holistic Clinic and Body Purification Spa, Boston, MA
Since beginning my career in aesthetics in the early ‘90s, I have used numerous professional skin care products. I have never been so impressed with our client’s initial and subsequent treatment results with a product as I have with the PHYTO5 line. It is so refreshing to recommend a product and have a client’s expectations not only met, but exceeded.
— Lana Mascitelli McLeod, Educator and Esthetican, Longmont, CO

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