More Is Not Better With Vital Energy

Although a more powerful light bulb makes reading easier, when it comes to vital energy, we are dealing with a subtle energy and more is not better. Consequently, no consideration of power is required. We are focused on the qualitative aspects of the treatment light and not on its quantity.

Chromatherapy (also spelled chromotherapy), also known as light therapy, can be used for simple and effective treatments including skincare, certain aspects of healthcare and psychology, mood improvement, stress management, vision improvement, to prepare for surgery and to speed the healing process post-surgery (reported to improve the speed and quality of cicatrization or wound healing) and energy balancing, in general. 

Many naturopathic doctors practice light therapy. Results depend on knowledge but also on the energetic quality of the light color used. The therapeutic quality of a light of color depends principally on the frequency range it carries for that color. More is not better with vital energy.

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Why PHYTO5's Dichroic Filter Technology is Superior to LED


Think of light equipment not as “color producing machines” but as electromagnetic wavelength machines.

LED technology is limited inasmuch as it is made to provide only a few wavelengths and a few colors. It is good for some specific functions, but is is inadequate to work on vital energy that requires more colors and the full range of frequencies corresponding to what is present in natural light. LED is limited and specific. PHYTO5's dichroic filter technology provides the tools for energetic and holistic treatments for face and body.

Wellness practice equipment using LEDs is generally not well suited for vital energy work. An LED is a device able to produce the light of a single frequency. Laser lights have an even greater capacity to focus which is a plus in many engineering and medical applications but a negative in holistic light therapy based on an energetic method (energy medicine). Because of the inability of LEDs to carry a wide enough range of frequencies (and even more so for lasers), its healing power is restricted to that of the limited frequency it emits. The limited frequencies work well for some people, but the lack of the other frequencies normally contained within each color will cause no effect on other people. Indeed, we are made by a wide factory!

Each human has her or her own level of response to each frequency within each color, therefore the full range of frequencies constituting any color is required for energetic work.

For each color used in light therapy, the full range of frequencies constituting that color must be present and others should be absent. The LED device is not made for that.

The technology used by PHYTO5 equipment is adapted to one's energetic need because it uses dichroic filters that can select a broad range of frequencies. These also have the capacity to sharply block unwanted frequencies while a typical LED has a tendency to "bleed" into the adjacent frequencies, a potentially dangerous situation when you are on the edge of infrareds and ultraviolets. As a result, PHYTO5's technology is not only unique, it's safer, holistic and most appropriate for achieving excellent energetic results.