Aura Flora


Aura Flora


A spray that balances and purifies the body's energetic envelope providing an immediate sensation of well-being, harmony, peace and relaxation.

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Unique ingredients are:

  • Organic rose flower water: Astringent and refreshing, rose flower water tones the skin, reduces redness, and calms allergic reactions.
  • Witch hazel flower water: Astringent and soothing, witch hazel flower water is anti-inflammatory, and naturally antioxidant-rich.
  • Spray a mist of Aura Flora above your head and around the head and body.
  • Before any stressful situation generously spray around your body. Aura Flora will bring you quietness, peace of mind, serenity and increased self-confidence, providing a positive perception of events and your surroundings. 
  • Aura Flora calms babies helping them fall asleep and assists adults with sleep disorders. 
  • Use in warm climates as a cooling and moisturizing mist for face and body.

1.  The subtlety of Aura Flora will not modify or cover your usual perfume. 

2. This flower water can be used on every type of skin, revitalizing, softening, purifying and soothing with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.