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$50 FREE Product To Encourage Your Breast Health Home Regimen

Buy any two body gels (Metal Regulating, Water Firming, and/or Earth Contouring–8.5 oz. tubes) during the month of October and get a FREE $50 value Ageless La Cure Algae Mousse also extremely beneficial for breast health (and facial radiance).

👉🏼 We'll include one FREE Algae Mousse in your shipment for every two body gels ordered.



Regulating Body Gel and Firming Body Gel for Breast Health, 8.75 oz. each

Lymph nodes are small clumps of immune cells that act as filters for the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system runs throughout the body (like the circulatory [blood] system) and carries fluid and cells. The lymph nodes in the underarm (the axillary lymph nodes) are the first place breast cancer is likely to spread. –Susan G. Komen Foundation
  • Regulating Body Gel 

    diminishes swelling and congestion while inhibiting fluid retention and encouraging the flow of fluids

  • Firming Body Gel is especially firming for use on the entire body and the breast area. It's also recommended for use during and after slimming treatments.

  • Contouring Body Gel is rich in toning natural elements and helpful during dieting and slimming treatments as it assists to promote the natural process of detoxification. It assists to reduce cellulite by detoxifying and normalizing. Gels can be applied as a finishing product either after a body treatment or at home, as needed.

One Ageless La Cure Algae Mousse will be automatically packed in your shipment for every two of the above body gels ordered.