What PHYTO5® Pioneered More Than 30 Years Ago Is One of Today's Top Ten Spa Trends

They call it: "multi-masking..."

In the December 2015 issue, Skin Inc. Magazine lists "multi-masks" as third in a list of ten spa trends for 2016. Consumers, Skin Inc. reports, are very attracted to the therapy, so much so that skincare manufacturers are developing colored clays to respond to the demand.

PHYTO5® has not only perfected the 5-Clay Mask therapy, we do believe we are the originator of it. What's more, our five clays are energetic, something other skincare manufacturers cannot claim. It is very interesting to find a multi-mask photo in the magazine which almost exactly duplicates our method!

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PHYTO5® Five Clay Mask

PHYTO5® Five Clay Mask


Balanced skin is a blessing to be preserved. It can be maintained with good lifestyle habits and personalized skincare regimentation. The balancing 5-Clay Mask facial is a treatment protocol well adapted to balanced skin. Light, being the most energetic tool, is used to amplify the activity of clay masks (matter) and to work on acupuncture points and the chakras concerned (energy flow and centers).

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