20 Tips for "No Makeup" Beauty

  1. Live in harmony with the seasons; according to the ancient Chinese Internal Medicine classic called the Neijing, living in harmony with the seasons is one of the most powerful things we can do to resist disease!
  2. Stimulate circulation in the face with the simple face massage technique in the video to the right with PHYTO5® Institute's Director and Trainer Gina Cassisi Canas.
  3. Exfoliate regularly; check out our blog post of April 29, 2016 for one super cheap way you might not have thought of!
  4. Moisturize; check out our May 2, 2016 blog post.
  5. Use a serum to hydrate, mineralize, restructure, provide antioxidants, and tone and lift the skin.
  6. Drink hot water and lemon for fresh skin.
  7. Get enough sleep and take naps if you feel to.
  8. Vitamin C works wonders for beauty and vitality; it's probably the least understood vitamin with the most potential.
  9. Get the right nutrition. What you eat shows up on your face. Go vegetarian and better yet, go vegan. Let a plant-based diet radiate through your skin.
  10. Practice good grooming habits. Use natural origin products wherever possible–without synthetic ingredients including synthetic fragrance.
  11. Adopt a casual look. Then when your hair looks a bit messy, you did it on purpose!
  12. Detoxify. Drink detox teas and green juices.
  13. Add a little lip gloss every day.
  14. Drink water (and consume high water content foods) to glow, right through your skin!
  15. Practice eyebrow grooming. Stop plucking and work with the natural shape of your eyebrows. Get them waxed inexpensively by a professional or check out eyebrow threading. It's becoming more popular and has been effectively practiced for thousands of years.
  16. Apply a bit of natural, organic castor oil to your eyelashes for six weeks and notice the results.
  17. Practice yoga, tai chi or qi gong.
  18. Smile.
  19. Watch your posture. Nothing is more beautiful than erect posture. It signals confidence and inherent beauty.
  20. Own it. Own who you are, own your age, own your style, own your method of dress. Double down! Believe in yourself.