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Why PHYTO5 Technology in Your Spa or Office is a Smart Decision

  • With PHYTO5 skincare and technologies, you can perform face and body treatments that immediately yield noticeably better and visible results leaving your customers extremely pleased.
  • PHYTO5 differentiates your practice by offering an experience that is unrivaled by your surrounding competition.
  • The PHYTO5 method, skincare and technologies (equipment is optional) generate greater income and profits that quickly recoup your investment.
  • The equipment can be purchased outright or leased. Please inquire about leasing options. Then simply add a premium to your service fee.

A number of your clients, if not all of them, will be willing to pay more for the enhanced PHYTO5 experience because of the kind of results it offers. The premium should be sufficient under normal conditions to pay for equipment purchased (Biorhythmic Drainer, Chromapuncteur, Biostimulateur; can be used alone or in collaboration with each other) in six to nine months. After six to nine months, the premium paid will go directly to your profit line, your clients will continue to be satisfied and your reputation of your skincare practice elevated!